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6:00 AM The Son Rise Morning Show Scripture and Tradition Vatican Radio Weekend
Divine Intimacy Radio
7:00 AM Morning Glory with Brian Patrick The Best of Morning Glory The Journey Home
8:00 AM Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo Sacred Heart Hour (First Fridays only) Bishop Campbell or Fr. Riccardo Called to Communion (Encore)
9:00 AM Catholic Connection, with Teresa Tomeo Fr. Larry Richards Bishop Campbell
Sacred Soundings
10:00 AM The Patrick Madrid Show *Encounter Foundations in Faith Msgr Lane
St. Joseph Cathedral Mass – Columbus
11:00 AM Women of Grace with Johnette Benkovic Catholic Answers Live (encore)
12:00 PM *Dominican Dimensions *The Seminarians *Sacred Soundings *Alive for More
*Bishop Campbell Catholic Answers Live (encore) *Dominican Dimensions
*Family Sanctuary *Answering the Call *Bishop Campbell *Raising Saints *Foundations in Faith Answering the Call
1:00 PM The Doctor Is In Bible Study Evangelista with Sonja Corbitt The Seminarians
Raising Saints
2:00 PM Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders The Good Fight with Barbara McGuigan Family Sanctuary
*Sacred Soundings
3:00 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet / Open Line The Good Fight with McGuigan Alive for More
The Choices We Face
4:00 PM *Faith Alive Fr. Larry Richards *Faith Alive *Faith Alive Fr. Benedict Groeschel Fr. Spitzer’s Universe Word on Fire
Fr. Robert Barron Icons Impact
5:00 PM Kresta Bishop Campbell & Kresta Kresta in the Afternoon Vocation Boom Radio *Encounter
6:00 PM Catholic Answers Live Bear Wozniak Radio Catholic Answers Live (Encore)
7:00 PM Catholic Answers Live EWTN Mass Web of Faith 2.0
8:00 PM EWTN’s Mass from Our Lady of the Angels Chapel Encounter Sunday Night Prime


EWTN Prolife Weekly

9:00 PM EWTN News Nightly Vatican Insider Sacred Soundings
                            Holy Rosary with Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Simonetta
10:00 PM Open Line (Encore) The World Over EWTN Live
11:00 PM Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders (Encore) Call Me Catholic Divine Intimacy Radio
Family Theater
12:00 AM Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie EWTN Live (Encore) Scripture and Tradition
1:00 AM Best of Journey Home Mother Angelica Classics The Journey Home (Encore)
2:00 AM Mornings with Mother Sunday Night Prime


EWTN Bookmark

The Great Adventure
3:00 AM Women of Grace with Johnette Benkovic (Encore) Celtic Connections Life on the Rock (Encore)
4:00 AM The Fathers Know Best The World Over The World Over (Encore)
5:00 AM Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song / Fire on Earth Vatican Insider The Catholic Cafe
 Holy Rosary, with Mother Angelica and the Nuns of Our Lady of Angels Monastery  Holy Rosary with Mother Angelica