St. Gabriel Radio Schedule


6:00 AM The SonRise Morning Show

7:00 AM Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo / Damascus Daily Prayer Lab

8:00 AM Saint Gabriel Café

9:00 AM Catholic Connection, with Teresa Tomeo Call In: 877-573-7825

10:00 AM More 2 Life with Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak  Call In: 877-573-7825

11:00 AM Women of Grace with Johnette Williams Call In: 833-288-3986

12:05 PM Daily Mass from St. Joseph Cathedral (Fridays, June 14 through August 9, we will broadcast Take 2 With Jerry and Debbi in its entirety. CYSC Friday closing Mass at 1PM)

12:35 PM Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie  (following Mass) Call In: 833-288-3986

1:00 PM The Doctor Is In Call In: 877-573-7825 (Fridays, June 14 through August 9, CYSC Closing Mass from the Damascus Campus)

2:00 PM Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders Call In: 833-288-3986

3:00 PM Divine Mercy Chaplet / Open Line Call In: 833-288-3986

4:00 PM Beacon of Truth

5:00 PM Kresta in the Afternoon

6:00 PM Catholic Answers Live Call In: 888-318-7884

7:00 PM Catholic Answers Live Call In: 888-318-7884

8:00 PM EWTN’s Mass From OurLady of the Angels Chapel

9:00 PM EWTN News Nightl / Holy Rosary with Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Simonetta

10:00 PM Bible in a Year/Catechism in a Year

11:00 PM Called To Communion with Dr. David Anders (Encore)

12:00 AM Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie

1:00 AM Best of The Journey Home

2:00 AM Mother Angelica Live Classics

3:00 AM Woman of Grace with Johnette Benkovic (Encore)

4:00 AM The Fathers Know Best

5:00 AM The Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song/ Fire on Earth / Holy Rosary with Mother Angelia and the Nuns of Our Lady of Angels Monastery