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St. Gabriel Messenger Newsletter

Mark, “St. Gabriel in the Family Car.” 2023/24 Winter Messenger

Heather MacKinnon, “Radio Sparks a Mother’s Heart.” 2023 Fall Messenger

Claudio Pasian, “Teacher becomes ‘A’ student through Catholic radio.” 2023 Summer Messenger

Fr. Paul Joseph (PJ) Brandimarti, “Discovering, confirming, and deepening faith” 2023 Winter Messenger

Amy Voigt, “You make Christ present to me” 2022 Fall Messenger

Julie, “The Waiting Room of Christianity” 2022 Summer Messenger

John and Michael Shanks, “Father and son journey together” 2022 Winter Messenger

Eric Melvin, “Because there’s hope in your heart. . .” 2021 Fall Messenger

Patricia Hanna, “Shocked by the Real Presence” 2021 Summer Messenger

Jenny and Frank Fullin, “How do I love Thee? Let me count the ways!” 2020/21 Winter Messenger

Josephine and Eric Yang, “Queen of Heaven Reigns in the Heart of this Marriage.” 2020 Fall Messenger

Andrew and Jessica Rumsberger, “Pandemic Teaches this Family: Faith is Number One.” 2020 Summer Messenger

Katrina Williams, “Surprised by a book club.” 2019/20 Winter Messenger

Julianne and Seth Burkholder, “Teen Sweethearts Fall in Love with the Faith.”  2019 Fall Messenger

Ashley Oliver, “Catholic was NOT on My Radar Screen.” 2019 Summer Messenger

Bryan O’Donnell, “Franciscan Heart Hits the Streets.”  2018-2019 Winter Messenger

Mike Young, “AM 820: the Tip of the Spear that Pierced My Heart”  2018 Fall Messenger

Angel Fox, “Three Foxes and an Angel.” 2018 Summer Messenger

Natalie, “Baptist Bible Study and AM 820 Lead Home to Catholicism”  2017-2018 Winter Messenger

Jeremy McKinney, “God Delivers Big Results Through a Little Bumper Magnet and AM 820 ‘Background Music'”  2017 Fall Messenger

Ted Habak, “AM 820 Leads Protestant Elder to the TRUTH” 2017 Summer Messenger

Dave Hampton, “Honey, I’ve Got to Make a Confession. . .”  2016-2017 Winter Messenger

Duy Lam, “From Prison Camp to God’s Vinyard.”  Fall 2016 Messenger

Dr. Lucy La Perna, “The Divine Physician Heals Local Doctor.” Winter 2015-16 Messenger

Janine King, “Mary and Confession Brought Me to the Church.”  2015 Fall Messenger

Tracy Palmore, “In Love with Catholic Teaching on Marriage.” 2015 Summer Messenger

Marilyn Booze, “Faith Leads Former Protestant to Donate Kidney.” 2014-15 Winter Messenger

John Swisher, “Success Brought John Swisher a Great Longing.” 2014 Advent Messenger

Carlos Martinez, “AM 820 Lenten Challenge Leads Carlos Home.” 2014 Fall Messenger

Aaron May, “Husband, Wife, and AM 820 at the Kitchen Table.”  2014 Summer Messenger

Sue Reichard, “Flipping the Radio Dial Brought Me Back to the Faith.”  2014 Winter Messenger (2/2014)

Aureus Griffith, “Aureus Griffith Flies into a Vocation on the Wings of AM 820.”  2013 Fall Messenger

Alex Boggs, “Meet Alex Boggs – at 20, He Loves Sports, Holy Mary, and AM 820.” 2013 Summer Messenger

Tony Romano, “Generation X: from Rock-n-Roll to AM 820.”  2013 Spring Messenger

Cheryl Jackson, “Cheryl, You’re Catholic and You Just Don’t Know it Yet.” 2012-13 Winter Messenger

David Morris, “John:6 Made Me Do It!”  2012 Fall Messenger

Maria Cook, “Baptism Brought Me Grace. AM 820 Turned up my Faith.”  2012 Summer/August Messenger