A Mother’s Moment


Join us every weekday at 2:55 P.M. for A Mother’s Moment as local wife, mother, and teacher Emily Jaminet shares her reflections on Catholic parenting. This short, daily reflection airs on St. Gabriel Catholic Radio  and online at St. Gabriel Radio.com. Emily’s motto is “Motherhood Matters.” She desires all mothers to see that motherhood is a true path to holiness. See the complete Archive of A Mother’s Moment below.

Emily is a wife, mother of seven, and an inspired worker in the Lord’s Vineyard. She serves on the leadership team of the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference, one of the largest Catholic Women’s Conferences in the country with over 2,000 attendees. She earned a B.A. from Franciscan University of Steubenville in Mental Health and Human Services with a Minor in Human Life Studies and is active in her children’s schools and her family’s parish community. Emily can be found blogging at CatholicMom.com, DivineMercyForMoms.com, and EmilyJaminet.com.

Her first book comes out in Feb. 2016 published by Ave Maria Press, Sharing the Lessons of St. Faustina and co-authored by Michele Faehnle.

Audio Archive

Armor of Light
Behold Your Mother
Belly Button
Bitter or Better
Board Game of Life
Bus Driver
Car Time
Cast Your Anxieties
Check Out Mama
Cloud of Emotions
Come to Me
Crossed Arms
Daily Mass
Divide Up the Virtues
Don’t Put Things Off
Embracing Daily Joy
Faith and Hearing
Game Changing
Grumpy Children
Have Mercy on Me
He Must Increase
Help Me Think
Hired Help
Holy Hour
I Am the Best
Kitchen Fight
Less – Not Best
Little Children Everywhere
Love Is Glue
Middle of the Night
Momma Ain’t Happy
Morning Offering
Mother Doesn’t Have Time
No One’s Listening
Nothing Compares
Nothings Is Small
Opportunities or Obstacles
Past Lives
Peer Pressure
Peg a Prayer
Pop Music
Power of Prayer
Prayer for Life
Prayer of Children
Put the Phone Down
Removing Splinters
Running in Church
Sacred Heart
Saved by Motherhood
Serving Being Served
Smile and Laugh
Storing Up
Stretchy Mom
Suffering Glory
Sympathy from Creatures
Tender Mom
The Crucifix
The Gift
The Hug
The Leap
The Parables
The Walk
Using the Seasons
Wanting to Provide
We Have a Choice
What Shall We Say?
When Change Comes
Work Ethic
World Rejoices
Youngest Child