Advertising Rates

Holy Spirit Stained Glass

Business Membership

Copy for your identification message should be 3 lines using 18 point font.

$65/month for 100 messages/year.

$130/month for 200 messages/year.

$195/month for 300 messages/year.

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Hourly Sponsorship

For an average of $280 per month your business will be recognized, at the same time everyday, as a key supporter of St. Gabriel Radio. Example: “Programming this hour is made possible in part through the support of listeners like you and ​_________ (your business name.)”

Each hour is limited to one (1) business sponsor per hour. Please contact the office at (614) 459-4820 to learn more.

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Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising includes comparative statements and a call-to-action. 

$360/month – 3 commercials/day for 1 week/month.

$700/month – 3 commercials/day for 2 weeks/month.

$900/month – 3 commercials/day for 3 weeks/month.

$1,100/month – 3 commercials/day for 4 weeks/month.