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Estate Gifts

Estate gifts and stock/securities gifts

Estate gifts and stock/securities gifts are important to the future of St. Gabriel Radio. They are a way to ensure that your generosity will live on to provide faithful, engaging Catholic programming for future generations in Central Ohio. Creating the estate gift is easy. Usually, the first step is to discuss your wishes with your family and financial advisor.

Sample estate gift language:

A bequest is simple to create as part of your will or living trust and can easily be added as a codicil to an existing will or as an amendment to a living trust. The following language is an example of how you might word a bequest for St. Gabriel Radio:


Stock/securities gifts transfer

Stock/securities may be gifted at any time by a simple transfer. You may be able to claim a charitable contribution in the amount of the value of the security on the day of transfer to St. Gabriel Radio. In order to claim your stock or other marketable securities donation as a charitable contribution, please consult with your financial advisor or tax professional before selling it.

If your shares of stock (or other securities) are held in a brokerage account, they can generally be transferred electronically from your account to the St. Gabriel Radio account.

Your current broker (or holder of shares) will require specific information about St. Gabriel Radio, and likely a written request from you in order to process.

If you have stock certificates in your possession, please contact Northwestern Mutual, Brandee Wyzlic, at (614)222-6028 or guidance on how to proceed. If you have any questions about creating a bequest for St. Gabriel Radio, please contact Bill Messerly, Executive Director at (614) 459-4820 or via email:

The story of Duy Lam: From prison camp to God’s vineyard


Joy, gratitude, and surrender to Jesus pour out of the presence of Duy Lam. He is amazed by his own transformation when he reflects on the road he has traveled. His story spans 40 years, from the atheism and reeducation (brainwashing) forced on society by the Vietnamese Communists, the years of hard labor and beatings that he received in a Communist prison camp as a teenager, to a life today touched by God’s grace.

“I saw an AM 820 bumper magnet and discovered that it’s a great way for me to learn about the Faith. I taught myself to speak English and as an engineer, reading English isn’t my strength. I discovered that listening to Fr. Riccardo, Fr. Larry, and Catholic Answers, gave me guidance on where to find out more and what to read.”

Read Duy’s story here.

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