St Gabriel Radio Chapel

About Our St. Gabriel Radio Chapel

As Announced on the St. Gabriel Café:

Jesus will be with us in the Eucharist in the St. Gabriel Radio chapel!

We are preparing:

In order to house Our Lord, we are in the process of installing a canopy, altar, and tabernacle.

This altar canopy (first image) is a wooden structure that is above marble altar and helps to draw one’s attention to the tabernacle. This reclaimed canopy features the symbols of the four Gospel writers on the center piece with the crests of the 11 Apostles (minus Judas) and St. Paul on the pillars. It has been restored, painted, and secured to the chapel wall.

The marble altar (second image) is over 100 years old and was previously in a side chapel at St. Charles Preparatory School on Broad Street, Columbus, OH.

The pillars’ crests are described below along with the Apostle they represent.

Team installing altar
One of the team installing the altar in the new St Gabriel Radio Chapel
Team making sure everything is sized perfectly with the altar in the new St Gabriel Radio chapel

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