MAY 31, 2020:

NOTICE: Columbus Police have declared a state of emergency due to the protests and civil unrests downtown. Therefore, please not to come to St. Joseph Cathedral this weekend for Mass. We will be streaming the 10:30 Mass from our diocesan website ( and broadcasting it live on St. Gabriel Radio (820 AM). May God bless you on this Feast of Pentecost and let us pray for peace and justice in our country.

Even though public worship of Masses will be opening in churches throughout the Diocese, St. Gabriel Radio and the Columbus Diocese will still offer live listening and video options. Please read below from Bishop Brennan’s May 13, 2020 letter about the dispensation to attend Sunday Mass through September 13, 2020.

“All Catholics in the Diocese of Columbus are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass at least through September 13, 2020. Please, if you have any concerns, do not come at this point. In fact, I encourage all to follow the public guidelines here in Ohio as much as possible. If you are in one or more of the “high risk” categories, it is still too early to come out. And, of course, if you are experiencing any signs of illness, you have a serious obligation to stay at home. Given that the obligation is dispensed, individuals who wish to participate at Mass and receive Holy Communion might consider coming at a less crowded time, perhaps during the week. The Cathedral will continue to broadcast Mass each day on St. Gabriel Radio and to stream via our diocesan YouTube channel as will many of our parishes.” – Read full letter here at