Nine Days for Life Header

We invite you to pray the 9 Days for Life Novena with us!

Prayers led by Bishop Robert J. Brennan of the Columbus Diocese, along with Mark Huddy and Jerry Freewalt.

Each audio is 2.5 minutes long. Prayers originate from USCCB’s 9-Days for Life Novena

With these guided prayers you are encouraged to also make an act of reparation through a sacrifice, prayer, or act of penance. 

Day 1

May the Tragic Act of Abortion End

Day 2

May all unborn children be protected in law and welcomed in love.

Day 3

May every expectant mothers receive compassionate care and support as she nurtures the life in her womb.

Day 4

May expectant fathers lovingly support the mothers of their children in welcoming new life.

Day 5

May each person suffering from the loss of a child through abortion find hope and healing in Christ.

Day 6

May expectant mothers choosing adoption receive grace and support in embracing this loving option.

Day 7

May all who support or participate in abortion experience a conversion of heart to seek and receive the Lord's boundless mercy.

Day 8

May civic leaders work for the protection of all human life, in every stage and circumstance.

Day 9

May all who defend life find strength and renewal in the Holy Spirit.